Founded in 2000, Postpartum Support Charleston is a non-profit organization that supports mothers across the Charleston Tri-coutry area struggling with maternal mental illness such as postpartum depression and anxiety. 

Through our extensive moms-for-moms network, connection to diverse mental and physical health expertise and genuine empathy, Postpartum Support Charleston is uniquely positioned to help mothers move into motherhood. 

Our mission is to put mom first with an approachable, accessible safety net woven through moms helping moms - we believe that a healthy mom makes for a healthy baby and, ultimately, she and her family living their healthiest, happiest life. 

We are with you, mama. You are worthy and you are worth love and support. It takes a village, they say, and, together, we will move into motherhood.


You are not alone, mama.

Become a part of our safe, judgment-free online community - share, support and connect with moms like you across Charleston.



We see you, mama. Despite being surrounded by people, you feel completely alone and disconnected.

This should be the happiest time of your life, but all you know is anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion.

You believe that pushing through for the sake of your family is the only solution, but the truth is that you must take care of your health first to provide the best for your baby. 

We have walked this walk and understand the desperation and fear you feel.

You have not failed and you are not alone. There is another side to this where you love yourself, love your baby and love your life - let us help you get there.


Family & Friends

Whether you are a spouse, family member or dear friend, you see the warning signs, struggle and suffering of the mom in your life, but don’t know where to turn or how to help. 

You may be afraid of rocking the boat or making a delicate situation worse, but trust us when we say that the time to reach out is now. 

Contact us today to learn more about our unique Mombassador program connecting moms with moms for personal, empathetic support.

From there, we will work closely with your loved one to provide the right help and support through our extensive network of mental and physical health expertise and years of experience.



You found your way through postpartum depression and simply want something better for the women in your life and all the moms-yet-to-be.

Stellar! Join our Mombassador Mentor Program to walk hand-in-hand with mothers as they move beyond pain and suffering into a healthier, happier motherhood.

We provide extensive training and structure so you are confident in guiding your fellow moms through their postpartum journey. 

Be a part of a better tomorrow for mamas like you - where postpartum depression stigma is squashed and mom finally comes first.



Find us on Facebook and Instagram @ppdsupportchs.