Postpartum Support Charleston provides this list simply as a starting point for treatment and does not endorse any of these health care providers. Please do your own research.

Charleston Area Counselors and Therapists


Mount Pleasant

Dr. Risa Byars in Mount Pleasant, 843-769-0444

Dr. Ric Fermo of East Cooper Psychiatric Solutions, 843-856-6998

Jessica Gregg, MA, MSEd, LPCI, 843-323-0693

Dr. Andrea Hawk of East Cooper Psychiatric Associates, 843-324-5503

Beth Keyserling-Kramer LPC, LMFT of Transitions Counseling, 843-810-8647

Dr. Piave Lake of East Cooper Psychiatric Associates, 843-881-6616

Barbara Wagner of East Cooper Psychiatric Solutions, 843-856-6998

Lynne Galbally MA LPC, 843-437-2845

Sarah Roberts, LISW-CP, Charleston Counseling Center, Call 843-501-1099 or Text 843-642-8361

Lisa Annan, PHD, LPC, Charleston Counseling Center, Call 843-501-1099 or Text 843-642-8361

West Ashley

Gervase Kolmos, life coach, Shiny.Happy.Human, 843-850-6034

North Charleston

LeAnn Gardner, LISW-CP, MDiv, 843-800-0303


Cynthia Lenehan, MA, LM, LPC, CPM of Heartfelt Birth and Counseling Services

Kathi Peddicord, MA, LPCI LLC of Living Way Counseling Services, 843-813-9650,


MUSC Health Women's Reproductive Behavioral Health Clinic

843-792-5300, 135 Cannon Street, 2nd Floor, Suite 201, Charleston, SC 29425, Wednesdays from 8am-10:30am

For pregnant or postpartum women needing a first evaluation for non-urgent mental health problems including:

  • Mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Substance use disorders
  • Other mental health concerns

All women receive a complete psychiatric evaluation and treatment plan as well as follow-up care including:

  • Therapy
  • Medication management (if appropriate)
  • Coordinated care with OB Provider

Walk-ins welcome. Calling is recommended.