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New Mom Support Group Resumes

If we believe the books, movies and websites, babies are all swaddled bundles of joy leaving new moms swooning. But new moms know after the swooning, there's the lack of sleep, showers and sanity. No full-time job is as demanding as caring for a newborn, especially if it’s the first one. Moms have tons of questions about their babies and themselves. That’s where Moving Into Motherhood can help. Hosted by the Ruth Rhoden Craven Foundation, Moving Into Motherhood offers support and education for new moms as well as a chance for moms to simply connect with other women going through the same life-changing experience of motherhood.

The group meets at 6:30 p.m. the third Monday of the month at Trident Medical Center, 9228 Medical Plaza Drive in North Charleston (2nd floor classroom).

The group is free but donations to the Ruth Rhoden Craven Foundation are welcomed and appreciated. For questions, email