Spotlight on local mom, Maggie Marlow

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with local mom and PPD survivor, Maggie Marlow. Maggie has a great passion for raising awareness for PPD and for helping reduce the stigma surrounding this illness. This strong woman is a great example of climbing out of the darkness, building a tribe to lean on and moving on from the struggle of PPD. Read on to hear more from Maggie on our first meeting.


"I finally got to meet the incredible Elaine DeaKyne yesterday. Elaine and I have been trying to meet for some time now and our lives crossed paths in a unique way. I simply made a post about my journey and how I suffered from Postpartum depression after the birth of McGinn and Herrick. I talked about how I did the bare minimum for him some days and how I felt anxious, and not worthy of being a mom. I had emotional ups and downs that my amazing husband Tyson Marlow helped me get through. He was the one who looked me in the eye and told me to tell him when I was having a tough day. That is was OK to feel that way and that he was there for me. I trusted him and did open up to him. I was very fortunate to have him but many women do not have that support or are too afraid to admit that they need it. 

After the birth of Herrick I remember telling myself that it was normal to feel the way I felt, that I went through this after McGinn and that this too shall pass. I remember bottling up my emotions and not allowing myself to go out as much. Not allowing myself to fully be me. I remember the day that I sat crying in my closet because I was sick and tired or feeling sick and tired.

That was the day that I decided to make a change. That rock bottom feeling pushed me to make a change and I have never looked back. I committed to waking up early to get my workout in and read my personal development every day. I committed to eating healthier, to get back in the kitchen and started sharing my recipes again. Sharing just that tiny bit of what made me happy, made others happy. I started seeing the positivity circle in motion and the support coming from every direction. I started dialing into my accountability group and found myself not only holding myself accountable but supporting others and making sure they stayed positive and true to themselves. I worked out and expected to gain a little energy but what I found was a mental and emotional transformation that saved me and my family! I found a group of women who uplifted me and brought me out of a fog that just weeks ago seemed too thick to ever lift.

3 months into my journey I reflected back to how far I had come and realized that I needed to share my story of struggle with postpartum. I realized that there are so many women out there who feel or have felt just like me. I realized that it wasn’t talked about enough and that women felt ashamed to feel the way they did. I realized that I needed to share my journey in order to help others.

I decided that I was going to donate 20% of my commissions for 3 months to Postpartum Support Charleston. Little did I know the impact that it would have. With the donation I made they were able to completely sponsor 2 women within their organization. Although I don't know these women or their stories I am SO BLESSED to know that stepping outside my comfort zone and making a pledge to donate has helped to change others lives...I am EXCITED and SO HONORED to join forces with Postpartum Support Charleston and continue to share my story in order to help others know it is OK to share theirs. Charleston friends need to know that there a place they can go for support and I am do blessed to spread the word... As moms we are all in this together!"


Maggie is a Beach Body coach. She lives in Mount Pleasant, SC with her husband and two boys. Follow along on her amazing journey on Facebook at Maggie Marlow - Foodie Fit Mom and on Instagram @foodie_fit_mom and check out her website at